Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Playmat Part 2

Cutting out the tree parts was fairly straight forward. I used a heavy woven jacket material with brown and black threads through it for the trunk and branches of the tree, and felt in shades of green for the leaves. I still have to iron on some HEATnBOND to the tree trunk and little squares of it onto the leaves to applique them to the mat. Here are the parts:

The butterflies were cut out of colourful quilting material. The little ones will have a little batting in the wings to create a little dimension and the big blue butterfly will have cellophane in the wings with just the body and the centre of the wings attached to the mat so bubs can play with the crinkly wings.

Since taking this photo I've finished attaching the little butterfly bodies to the wings and have cut batting for all parts that need it. These will all be hand sewn onto the mat.

I've also cut all the pieces for the flowers which will have the petals stuffed with batting for texture. The leaves will also have some batting under them and I'll hand embroider the leaf veins on. The stems will simply be appliqued on so they've since been attached to HEATnBOND too, ready for positioning onto the mat.

Everything is almost done so assembly will soon begin.

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