Thursday, March 24, 2011

Long overdue

My garage has been overrun with kids furniture for some time now. We bought a kids table and chairs set raw so that we could paint them in fun bright colours ourselves and were quite motivated to get the undercoat on....and then they sat there taking up prime realestate in our garage for, well for a very long time. But they're finally finished and in use!

I've also been knitting a cardigan for Little Lady from Patons "Sugar Fairies" (Book 1304).

I started knitting it on the drive to our family beachhouse back in January and only really get any done late at night when I'm too tired to sew or I want to watch TV. I'm supposed to use 4 ply baby wool but I picked up a whole bag of Moda Vera Noir (75% wool super wash, 25% polyamide) for 50c a ball so I hope it turns out OK. Google says (yep, I had to look it up) that polyamide is nylon. Of course I don't like to make things easy for myself and after starting the cardy I realised I really didn't like the purple colouring so I restarted it and looped out all the purple yarn.

I've finished knitting all the pieces and am now tying off all the ends where I joined the next stretch of pink yarn before I sew them together. Then onto crocheting the edge and adding the beads.

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