Monday, October 29, 2012

Candied Hexagon Quilt Progress

I thought I had already blogged about this but alas, no it was just a throw away line on a post a year ago.

I've been slowly working on a Candied Hexagon Quilt, like that from the cover of Australian Quilters Companion Vol 5.2 Issue 18 (2005) by Kerry Dear. It's my go-to project to take to Sit and Sew Evenings with the MMQG. Of course, I don't have a pattern to follow as it's been out of print for years and typical me, I don't like following patterns anyway. The original had around 5 hexie designs, including a solid hexie using a feature fabric but I don't want to use a feature fabric and since it's for Little Lady I wanted to focus more on colour rather than patterns so am using mainly blenders in her favourite 4 colours mixed with randomly patterned bits. So I got all creative and with the help of some hexie drafting paper, doodled until I had around 30 hexie designs, ranging from simple to holy-crap-thats-going-to-be-a-nightmare-to-piece. I've worked out that I need 297 full hexies with 6cm sides (~2 1/3 inches) and 18 half hexies to fill a double bed quilt with a simple outer border. To date I have 65 hexies sewn, starting with some of the simpler designs.

Hex1 hexies
Hex2 hexies - these use same pattern but by changing how I oriented the triangles, I wound up with 2 different looking hexie patterns that appear to twist in both directions. Bonus!

Hex3 hexies

Hex5 hexies - again simply by playing with the colours I've turned one pattern into 3 different hexies.
Hex8 hexies


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Randon Quilt Back

Another WIP, the summer quilts I started back in January for my two monkey got put aside once the weather turned cold and I've recently dug them up again. I've been slowly working on Little Lady's quilt back and its now finished. I had no plans when I began randomly cutting rectangles and squares for the back - I didn't measure anything, just auditioned fabric, keeping in mind that I didn't want the same colour next to itself, and cut it to fit the gap I wanted to fill. Organised random I guess you could say. It started somewhere in the middle and grew from there.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hexie Windows Update

I haven't worked on this in such a long time but it's been staring at me recently, taunting me to stop procrastinating and just get on with it.

I finished piecing it months ago and am now very slowly filling in the windows. Probably not the most visible colour window to show where I'm currently at but it was the first fabric I chose.

My first window was a bit lop-sided but I think it won't been noticable once all the other windows are in. Note to self for next time: make the hexies bigger - the windows wouldn't look so anemic then!
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