Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hexie Windows Update

I haven't worked on this in such a long time but it's been staring at me recently, taunting me to stop procrastinating and just get on with it.

I finished piecing it months ago and am now very slowly filling in the windows. Probably not the most visible colour window to show where I'm currently at but it was the first fabric I chose.

My first window was a bit lop-sided but I think it won't been noticable once all the other windows are in. Note to self for next time: make the hexies bigger - the windows wouldn't look so anemic then!


  1. It's looking amazing! thanks for updating us on your progress

  2. I'm waiting for finished hexies! A really great work! I'm curious, how you folded them! Here, Algyő-Hungary, we've got an art house, it's got a logo like this folded hexagon. I'd like to make a flag with this technique.


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