Monday, October 29, 2012

Candied Hexagon Quilt Progress

I thought I had already blogged about this but alas, no it was just a throw away line on a post a year ago.

I've been slowly working on a Candied Hexagon Quilt, like that from the cover of Australian Quilters Companion Vol 5.2 Issue 18 (2005) by Kerry Dear. It's my go-to project to take to Sit and Sew Evenings with the MMQG. Of course, I don't have a pattern to follow as it's been out of print for years and typical me, I don't like following patterns anyway. The original had around 5 hexie designs, including a solid hexie using a feature fabric but I don't want to use a feature fabric and since it's for Little Lady I wanted to focus more on colour rather than patterns so am using mainly blenders in her favourite 4 colours mixed with randomly patterned bits. So I got all creative and with the help of some hexie drafting paper, doodled until I had around 30 hexie designs, ranging from simple to holy-crap-thats-going-to-be-a-nightmare-to-piece. I've worked out that I need 297 full hexies with 6cm sides (~2 1/3 inches) and 18 half hexies to fill a double bed quilt with a simple outer border. To date I have 65 hexies sewn, starting with some of the simpler designs.

Hex1 hexies
Hex2 hexies - these use same pattern but by changing how I oriented the triangles, I wound up with 2 different looking hexie patterns that appear to twist in both directions. Bonus!

Hex3 hexies

Hex5 hexies - again simply by playing with the colours I've turned one pattern into 3 different hexies.
Hex8 hexies


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