Thursday, August 26, 2010

I must, I must, I must increase my.....skill

Free motion quilting - I need practice. Lots of practice. My first attempt was just hideous. Lots of knots, bunching and pulling, the other side was just awful. I'm lucky I didn't break anything. So rather than waste the effort, I'm going to make something useful while I practice.

Placemats for our dinner table. I'm going to try stipling first then as I get better I'll try some free motion designs to quilt them.


  1. Hey Mary-Anne, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. are you able to change your profile settings because I couldn't reply.
    Great idea about the placemats. Not sure how you usually baste but with the placemats you should try the spray baste stuff. Perfect for FMQ.
    Hey where's your followers button? i'd love to sign up : )

  2. You are most welcome - it's an awesome quilt!
    I think I've changed my settings now so you can follow and contact me.
    Good idea with the basting - I think it'll really help if I don't have the added task of having to stop for pins while I'm learning. Hopefully I can bring some to the next MMQG meeting.


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