Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My work space

Tho it may look like a squished, cramped corner of chaos, this is my little slice of sanity.


The ironing board doubles as my design table and cutting surface and my entire stash of fabric lives in a clear box on the floor behind me.

For now it'll do because the biggest advantage it has is that it's right in the middle of the action that is my kitchen/family room where my two little monkeys play. But when they're older, look out! Big plans for big renovations. Sigh. Ah, one day....


  1. I love that your ironing board isn't used for ironing....that's when you know you're a real quilter!

  2. I had just a corner of a bedroom, or family room, or my husbands office for many years. I accomplished quite a bit in those little tiny spaces. Now I finally have a whole is a small room but I have so much fun here.

  3. Firstly, thank you ladies for posting my FIRST EVER non-family member comments. You wouldn't believe how excited I was to read that I had not just one but 2 comments on my blog. So thankyouthankyouthankyou!

    Clair, I sometimes feel like I should feel bad that nothing but quilting fabric gets ironed these days but then I come to my senses and shake myself out of those silly thoughts.

    Annette, I would love to have a whole room for my crafts, in fact it's something hubby and I talk about "in our next house". We often joke how bedrooms, bathrooms and other supposedly necessary rooms will have to squeeze into the spaces left after we've picked the best rooms for quilting/sewing/modeling, etc.


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